What's New!


Custom Blend Calculator
Calculate the optimal rate of fertiliser required to meet your micro and macro nutrition goals and product cost. Nutrient totals are now shown for all your inputs and when setting your application rates.


Enhanced Map Annotations are available in this latest iPad update.
Reference and distinguish key areas on your farm map more effectively by using multiple colours to draw and add text.

Activity Map Options
Choose to easily include paddock maps when creating your jobs.

Improved Map Tab Navigation
Get to your jobs, snapshots, notes and observations conveniently, in less taps.

Wet or Dry Application
Specify whether a job is a wet or dry application when creating your jobs.


SanDisk Compatibility

Agworld for iPad is now fully compatible with SanDisk’s iXpand Drive. Transfer your controller files in real time from your iPad to your machinery even while in-field to save yourself from back and forth trips to the office. Quickly access your yield and sampling results and have the option to share them when you need, even while in the field and offline.Connect the iXpand Drive to your iPad through the Lightning port, download the latest controller files from your work orders and transfer these files straight to your machinery via USB. 

Slingshot Integration

The latest Agworld web release now works with your Slingshot account to send files directly to your machinery. Send variable rate controller files linked to your work orders from the Jobs page or from inside the Job Activity view. An access key is required to connect your Slingshot and Agworld accounts.