Scout is simple

The easy-to-use and intuitive interface makes scouting tasks quick and uncomplicated for your scouts, whatever their level of experience. With minimal training required, your scouts will be collecting data in minutes. Get the full picture of crop and bug conditions through additional photo attachments and notes.

agworld farm monitoring bug counting and infield scouting

Scout adapts to you

Every scouting project is different. With tap, slide, pick or type options to choose from, you can customise your data collection methods to suit your various scouting projects and assign them to your scouts, wherever they are.

infield farm scouting bug crop monitoring

Scout saves you time

Scout is efficient from setup through to reporting. Download the app on your iPad or iPhone, sign in, and watch it sync your existing maps, crops and paddocks from your Agworld account. Receive captured data in real time for use in your reports or save them as Excel files for further analysis.

agworld farm scouting monitoring

Scout is bundled

Scout Management and Templates are exclusively available on Farmer Mobile, Farmer Plus and Agronomist Plus subscriptions. These subscriptions come bundled with access to one scout role out of the box, with the option to purchase additional scout roles as required. Agronomist Mobile comes with Scout access only.

Scout Features

Get Scouting in Minutes

Just download the app on your iPad/iPhone, sign in, sync and start scouting. It’s that simple.

Online & Offline Functionality

Scout works even while your iPad/iPhone is out of internet coverage. Data recorded offline will automatically sync to your account the next time you’re online.

Simple & User Friendly

Scout is easy to use regardless of your field scouts’ technical knowledge and industry experience.


Set up your templates, assign them to your scouts and collect the results without the frustration of dealing with paper forms.

Interactive Farm Maps

Your farm at a glance and a detailed view of your paddocks with geo-locating functionality so that you can pinpoint the exact location the data is recorded.

Photo Attachments

Get the full picture of crop and bug conditions with photo attachments. Use the iPad/iPhone camera to take a photo and attach it to your records.

Download Scout for iPad or iPhone from the App Store today