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What does Agworld’s $6,000,000 capital raise really mean for our customers? CEO Doug Fitch explains.

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One question clients often ask when they see VC’s invest into a startup is “What will they do with the money?”…

​If we were to answer that in a heading it would be “Funding drives global reach​, while​ powering local commitment.”

This week, Agworld announced a $6M series C round of funding from Reed Elsevier Ventures to expand operations in the US and further develop our core offering for existing customers and market​s.

​This round of funding will allow us to achieve our key goals of ​US market expansion and expanding our product offering.  Most importantly, it has reinforced our position as leaders in ​the ‘information management and technology​ space’, for the ​agricultural industry in our core market segments.  Agworld remains committed to executing our vision in helping farmers to grow in production and profitability while being economically and environmentally sustainable.

 Agworld is growing as a business in each geography where we operate; we are hiring more local developers, sales and support staff to maintain our reputation as a leading service provider.

The Agworld team has grown significantly over the past 4 years.  The team members ​are drawn from either specialists from the farming community​, or people with a desire to impact the industry and address the issues farmers face. Many of our employees are ​farmers, agronomists, and agronomic scientists; all of the team work hard, and with integrity​ to ​achieve the vision we are passionate about.

 Agworld’s engineers and scientists are among the best in the world; keeping the​ platform updated with the​ most​ recent and​ robust tech stack ​to deliver cutting edge technology where it counts – in the field. While the team ​design, build and enhance our​ ​existing products​, ​they are also adding new tools and features to offer the best collaborative environment for our local customers.​

Our customers include farmers​, agronomists, contractors, applicators, processor​s, packers, banks, insurers, suppliers​ ​and industry group​s​, all parties integral to solving the challenges faced by the agricultural industry globally.

So what will this funding really help us do?

It will allow us to continue standing alongside the farming community, both locally and globally, serving our customers with the long held values and principles on which we have built Agworld.

​The Agworld team​ are very excited about what this investment will ​enable us to build and deliver to the farming community, both in the short term and over the many years ahead​.

​As a people and service focussed business, we​ love to engage with the farming community in frank and open discussion.  We encourage you to contact us with any feedback or questions you may have about our vision, and how best we might serve you as our part of the Agworld community.

If you are not a current customer we invite you to download our free iPhone and iPad apps from the iTunes App Store. You can also read more about Agworld in the press here.

If you are a current customer, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support thus far. We look forward to continuing to deliver on our commitments to you.

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